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How To Write A Fight Scene.

When people would watch a scene, they would usually look after the fighting scene. The adrenalin rush while watching the hero and the villain fighting over a price is undeniably incomparable. Every move, every punch thrown and blocked, can be a writer’s nightmare. You have to be sure where your characters are during their final conflict. It is really important to be precise with every conflict scenes facing by the characters or else, the people reading might just stop what they are doing. Nevertheless, it is indeed very important to take a look at the factors that should be focused on especially when writing a fighting scene. Here is a quick list of things to pay attention to when writing.

You want a scene that gets the blood flowing, for your reader as well as your characters. As much as possible, every blood, every tears and every sweat must look realistic in order to work for the price. A fight scene that is over in a couple of blows isn’t going to reward your reader, on the same note, a scene that takes 40 pages isn’t going to be believable. Every fight scene that you are doing must be long enough in order for it to be believable to your readers since they would most probably imagine their selves in the character’s shoe.

It’s important to know where your characters are during the fight. You want your hero and villain to be within range of each other. You need to keep track of when, and where, they move during the fight. Are they in an open area, or an enclosed space? The importance of taking proper notice of the area where the scene is happening is because, even the materials that surrounds them can be used in the fighting scene.

However, no matter how good the fight is, there must always be an end to it. Who wins is important to your reader, as much as how they win. The way on winning the fight scene by your character is definitely the most important scene in the fight, thus, the writer must be sure on how he will end the fight scene. Mapping out how you want your fight scene to be played out is one of the things that writers must always consider.

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